Ella logic #32

We paid a quick visit to Ella’s papa today. I told Ella we had to go home so she could go to bed.

Ella: But I want to sleep here!
Me: You can’t sleep here, papa’s going to go out soon.
Ella: But I want to sleep here, I want to sleep in papa’s bed.
Me: You can’t sweetie, he’s going out soon.
……[pensive pauze]
Ella: Is he going to take his bed with then?

More and more she forces me to analyse how I phrase things. There’s no such thing as implied meaning when you are 3!

Similarly, when I showed her a visiting Belgian gipsy family’s converted 4WD campervan and told her “Look, you can even sleep in this car”, she took the ‘you’ in this sentence personally and wouldn’t go close to the car because she presumably thought that we’d push her in and she’d have to sleep there.



I had a little mirconap afer we got home from work/daycare. And was being encouraged by Ella to do so, which was a bit suss.

When I woke up I found she’d put all the shopping away. What a nice surprise.

And she also left me this artwork on the kitchen wall:

So after a short stint in the naughty corner:

(I am glad I took a photo though, because I really did quite like it.)

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

When I picked Ella up from daycare yesterday she was tired to the point were she got unmanagably clumsy and her coping skills were reaching zero point. I had to send her to bed for a nap immediately when we got home at 4pm. She was asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow and ended up sleeping for 2 solid hours.

It was a no win situation. By the time she woke up it was way past her dinner time so whatever energy she had gained from resting her body and mind was cancelled out by the low blood sugar levels. She went from waking up to major meltdown in 5 seconds flat. So I went into damage control mode and made a 5 mins dinner and allowed her to eat it sitting on my bed in front of the tele (a privilege normally reserved for Sunday nights only).

Before she’d even taken her first mouthful, I noticed a wet patch on the bedsheet. My supernatural calmness temporarily vanished as I chased child and dog off the bed, threw doonah and pillows on the floor and pulled the sheet off the bed.

A bit later, when Ella finally started to become human again as the blood sugar levels gradually rose, I told her:

“When you get very tired or hungry you cannot be good or brave. And then you get grumpy and you cry easily. And then mummy gets a bit grumpy. And when you do weewee on my bed, mummy gets a bit grumpy too, doesn’t she?”

There wasn’t any intended lesson in it really, I just needed to get it off my chest.

Ella nodded and then said:

Ella: You know what?
Me: No, what?
Ella: If you were a tiny little girl… Then you were a baby. And then you were grumpy. And then you did weewee on the bed too.
Me: [Uncontrollable laughter]

Point taken.

[Language note: ‘if’ and ‘when’ are interchangeable in Ella’s dictionary.]

Traffic solutions

This morning in the car I was muttering about the traffic congestion. This conversation followed.

Ella: Mum, what were you saying?
Me: I was just saying that we should have gone another way because it’s so busy here. There’s too many cars.
Ella: A bulldozer could push the cars away.

Her other suggestion to make us move through traffic faster was that someone should cut the traffic ligths off with a knife so we wouldn’t have to stop.

All very helpful suggestions! I should get her to write to the traffic authority with this advice.

Also, between that first and second suggestion came a long monologue which I mostly missed because I was trying to cross 2 lanes in bumper to bumper traffic. I only caught the last sentence which was: “And I don’t like fairy cars because I’m a fairy.” Huh?

Hide and seek

Ella: Mum, let’s play hide and seek.
Me (somewhat reluctant to move from my comfortable seat): Er… ok.
Ella: You hide here, where I can find you.
Me: No problem!

She went out and then peered around the door post until I yelled “You found me!”.

My kind of game…

I did try a real game after that, but she started sounding a bit distressed when she couldn’t immediately find me so I had to give vocal cues. When it was her turn, she hid in exactly the same spot where I hid (while I was watching her) and when it was my turn again she tried to tell me where to hide. I remember this well from my babysitting years but it’s still funny.

But mama?

Ella: But mama?
Me: Yes Ella?
Ella: I am so your friend.

Ella: But mama?
Me: Yes Ella?
Ella: I so, so love you.

We had this conversation about 20 times on Saturday morning and she keeps repeating it regularly out of the blue. Very cute.

Also somewhat theatrical and I’ve noticed that she is turning into a real little actress. She thoroughly enjoys the dramatical effect of her sulking sessions for example. Even if her walking around with her head tilted and eyes cast down to pouting lips causes her to walk into things quite regularly.

True colours

A book that has been one of Ella’s favourites for a long time is Dr. Seuss’ ‘Go dog go’. The text has lots of references to different coloured dogs in it.

For some reason they used this old style colour scheme throughout the book. About a year ago I had to go through the book and on every page colour the dogs that appeared in pastel pink, but were referred to in the text as red with a red texter because Ella refused to identify them as red dogs and got visibly confused.

Yesterday we read the book again after a bit of a break from it and I discovered that I will now have to edit the book with a black texter because the so called black dogs are more a charcoal grey and my nitpicking child will not accept them being called black!

It is utterly useless to talk to a 3 year old about the downsides of being a perfectionist as they clearly all suffer of a form of obsessive compulsive disorder anyway at that age.