Ella logic #32

We paid a quick visit to Ella’s papa today. I told Ella we had to go home so she could go to bed.

Ella: But I want to sleep here!
Me: You can’t sleep here, papa’s going to go out soon.
Ella: But I want to sleep here, I want to sleep in papa’s bed.
Me: You can’t sweetie, he’s going out soon.
……[pensive pauze]
Ella: Is he going to take his bed with then?

More and more she forces me to analyse how I phrase things. There’s no such thing as implied meaning when you are 3!

Similarly, when I showed her a visiting Belgian gipsy family’s converted 4WD campervan and told her “Look, you can even sleep in this car”, she took the ‘you’ in this sentence personally and wouldn’t go close to the car because she presumably thought that we’d push her in and she’d have to sleep there.


One Response to “Ella logic #32”

  1. jeanie Says:

    Gorgeous – its amazing how kids hear the key words that we ourselves don’t notice.

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