It’s not the best quality and I lost the original voicemail now. But I listened to this about 5 times at work and went ‘awww’ every time.


Um… I woke up 13 hours… I slept for 13 hours. And yesterday I was making this little sled for Whitey*. And that was fun. Aaand Whitey’s sled, I’m  doing a little seatbelt to it. So it’s all safe. And… I love you mummy. Bye.

* Whitey is the newest addition to her ever-growing collection of toy animals.


Ella’s zoo photos

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I caught this gem yesterday during an uneventful car ride when Ella was having a conversation with some imaginary friends in Alaska and Greenland:

Ella – I’m going to go on Facebook. Oh no, a thief has been. And he has stolen my log off button!

You can’t always get what you want

Me – I forgot to bring the gnome you painted.
Ella [joking] – Bad mum! Bad mum!
Me – Oh, I’m not such a bad mum, am I?
Ella – You’re a great mum! Because you gave me pancakes and icecream and you give me everything I want!
Me [laughing] – I don’t give you everything you want! That would make me a bad mum.


Underwater world

We were watching a documentary about life in the ocean.

David Attenborough – For a billion years the ocean was the only place on earth where life existed.
Ella – The ocean was the only planet where life existed for a billion years?!

… Watching the images of typical ocean life. …

Ella – Were there shops there?
Me – Where?
Ella – There, in the ocean.
Me – No, there’s no shops there. Why?
Ella – Oh no! That means they can’t buy anything to wear. Or to protect theirselves against sharks!
Me – Who?
Ella – The people who lived in the ocean back then.


How not to flatter your mother

Ella – Mum, were you alive when the dinosaurs were alive?

Just a kid

Me – This is a big lunch. I don’t think I’ll need dinner tonight.
Ella – You do. Because if you don’t eat dinner, you might die!
Me [laughing] – No, I don’t think I’ll die from skipping dinner once.
Ella – Don’t laugh at me. I’m only a kid! If a grown-up would say that, it’s ok to laugh. But I’m only a kid and I don’t know everything.