Sharing poverty

We were talking about helping others (triggered by some pretty selfish behaviour displayed by Ella, but anyway).

Ella – And it’s good to share money too. People should share money.
Me – That’s right. And we do that too. We give money to our sponsor child in Africa because we have more money than they do and without help they might not be able to eat or go to school.
Ella – And the people in India, they are poor. And people should give them money too.
Me – Remember, when you’re 11 or 12, I’m going to take you to India?
Ella – Oh no! I don’t want to have no money! Will they take our money from us when we go there?
Me [laughing] – No, but everyone will want us to give them money and buy stuff from them.

I’m now going to make an effort to remember to give her pocket money, just so she can give some of it to charities.


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