Favourite things

I’m selling a benchtop dishwasher and was checking my Ebay listing today. (And then typed as Ella talked: this is a very literal transcript.)

Me – Seven people watching, but no bids yet.
Ella – Why don’t you make it look a bit better?
Me – It’s a dishwasher, how would I make it look better?
Ella – You could draw fairies on it and… Every one would want one of those!
Me – Not everyone likes things with fairies on it.
Ella – Everyone does!
Me – What about boys?
Ella – Boys like butterflies. I’m only joking!
Ella – Boys like Spiderman and Superman and … Girls like fairies and Batgirl and Supergirl and Wonder Woman and Spidergirl. Those are all the people that girls like. Coz I like those things. And also girls like nature. And animals. And boys like animals, but nothing else, for boys. And girls like dresses and tights and socks and leggings and dresses and t-shirts and skirts. Look, girls like much more things than boys do. And girls also like ponies and unicorns. And horses. And girls like heaps of animals. Which you probably already know coz I love animals. I don’t just like them, I love them. That’s why I care for Luna.


2 Responses to “Favourite things”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I was quite terrified that you changed the title of your blog. I had distinctly searched for it as the old title whenever a new post appeared in my information box. I'm not good with change so I suppose that's the reason. I have to remind myself that kids do grow up and Ella probably does not fight with you about her speech. Then again… this is Ella we are talking about lol. Anyways, please never stop writing. It's great to read your posts and smile at the carefree way of Ella – she's an angel.

  2. Lin Says:

    Thanks Shelly. I'd moved the blog to another site and decided to take the opportunity to change the title to something more generic. But I didn't like the features on the other site, so then I decided to give this page a make-over.Thanks for your comments. I must admit that it somewhat scares me that strangers read my blog as I don't think it's anything special and do it more for me than for anyone else.

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