The perfect pet

Ella – Oh look mum, I found a slater! (See:
Me – Hm, I’ve never been fond of slaters.
Ella – Oh mum, can I keep him as a pet?
Me – Sure, if you promise you’ll look after him.

So we put him in a take-away container and she added some grass and twigs. She’ll check him now and then – gives the container a bit of a shake to seperate him from the grass.

And today she asked me to look on the internet to find out what they eat: decaying vegetable matter. Sweeeet! She’s now adding some of the veggies from our fridge that are past their use by date to his habitat.


One Response to “The perfect pet”

  1. Dirk Says:

    she'll be probably thrilled to find out that their dutch name is "pissebed" 🙂

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