Caught out

I was 3 minutes late dropping Ella off at school this morning, so all the kids were already sitting down on the floor listening to the teacher reading them a book. Ella quickly went to sit down at the back of the group while I re-tied her pony tail.

As I was doing that the teacher – who was reading a book about a pigeon – said: “He was the kind of pigeon who would sulk and pout if he didn’t get what he wanted. Do you ever do that, sulk and pout when you don’t get what you want?”

And one lonely voice said – without any hesitation or doubt: “No.”

It was Ella’s and of course I couldn’t control the laugh that escaped my throat. The teacher and assistant laughed too and Ella got all embarassed saying “mu-um!” so I had to apologise for laughing.

It was just so funny that she would be the only one in the group to deny ever sulking, being the only one with her mother there right behind her!


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