Yes we can!

Ella can ride a bike…

And I can knit…


4 Responses to “Yes we can!”

  1. Anneleen Says:

    Jeej! (Leuk bijpassend liedje trouwens XD)

  2. Limp Jimmy Says:

    Oooooooooh, sooooo proud!!!!Like the song too 😉

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OH MY soooo good Lin. Can't believe you made that! No.1!!You should be very proud.oh and I loved seeing Ella ride a bike.. so cute .. glad she didn't cry when she stacked .. and loved how she brought her little teddy along.. oh kids they are just so adorable.Diana 🙂

  4. Lin Says:

    I wouldn't call that a stack. That's how she usually stops. I told her she should just let the bike fall if it was too hard to try hold it upright. That I'd rather see scratches on the bike than on her. Though she is managing to stay upright often when she stops now. 🙂

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