Princess emancipation

This morning when I dropped Ella off at daycare, we spotted the new puppets that had just arrived. There were the usual suspects: princess, prince, dragon, knight…

Ella picked up the princess, so I picked up the dragon and made it say: “I’m going to eat you, princess!”. Next I picked up the prince and said: “I’ll save you princess.”

To which Ella casually replied: “You don’t need to.” and carried the princess a safe distance away from both dragon and prince.

Go girl! I am pretty sure this was somehow related to Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree books that we’re reading at the moment. I felt obliged to have a talk to her about the constant mention of the girls needing to be looked after by the boys. Even if the boys are younger than them. I tried to explain to Ella that the book was old-fashioned and that we of course know that girls can look after themselves just as well as boys can. I’m glad she embraced that thought and doesn’t get influenced by the stereotypical view of girls/women being the weaker sex!


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