That’ll teach those baddies!

Ella fell over the other day when we were racing to see who could get inside first at daycare. It resulted in a nice bruise right next to her eye. The following day we had this conversation in the car.

Ella – Mum, my eye hurts when I close both my eyes. When I close both my eyes my eye hurts where I falled.
Me – Oh, that’s no good. I hope it feels better very soon.
Ella – And it’s not funny.
Me – No, it’s not funny having pain.
Ella – Baddies think it’s funny.
Me – Yeah, baddies think it’s funny when people hurt.
Ella – And that’s not nice, is it?
Me – No, not nice at all.
Ella – We don’t do that.
Me – No, we try to be nice to other people. And when you’re nice to other people there’s a bigger chance that other people will be nice to you.
Ella – Yeah.
Me – Because we don’t really want to be nice to baddies, do we?
Ella – No. We can say we love them. But then we don’t love them.
Me – Err, yeah?
Ella – And not be scared when they say boo. They hate that, when you’re not scared when they say boo. And that’s ok, isn’t it. Because they’re baddies.

Not a very effective strategy from a criminal justice system perspective maybe. But I’m so happy that that is the worst version of ‘not being nice to someone’ that she can come up with at this stage.


2 Responses to “That’ll teach those baddies!”

  1. Rinkelbel Says:

    Lol, Moet ik is proberen 😛

  2. jeanie Says:

    Wow – logic 101!!!She is amazing Lin.

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