Senior days

After coming out of the supermarket today:

Me – Ella, for the 5th time, get on the bike now please, I’m fed up waiting.
Ella – I just have to do this.
Me – Ok, then I’ll go and you can walk home.
Ella – Nooo!
Me – It was just a joke, Ella. You know I’d never do that. But I just don’t want to be kept waiting any longer.
Ella – That makes me very sad if you say that.
Me – I’m sorry, sweetie. You know I would never, ever leave you behind anywhere. Just get on the bike now.
Ella [climbing on the bike] – If you say that again, I’ll be very sad.
Me – I’ll try not to say it again, ok? But you know it’s only a joke, don’t you? I would really never, ever leave you behind. I have told you that plenty of times.
Ella – I forget sometimes.
Me – You forget that I would never leave you?
Ella – Yes. And you have to remind me lots of times on the days that I forget.
Me – Ok.
Ella – I’ll tell you which days I forget.
Me – Ok?
Ella – Thursday…
Me – [burst out laughing]
Ella – And Wednesday. And Sunday. That’s the days you have to remind me.
Me – Ok, on Wed, Thurs and Sunday I will tell you lots that I’ll never, ever leave you.


2 Responses to “Senior days”

  1. M+B Says:

    ROFL! Those could be the days I need some extra reminding, too??? I’m glad Ella remembers which days she needs more reminding though LOL

  2. jeanie Says:

    Oh that is priceless!!And as for the reasoning behind it in the first place – it used to really set my teeth on edge having to wait for the “one more time”

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