First swear word

Yesterday at the check-out in the local supermarket, Ella suddenly exclaimed very proudly: “Poo bum!” followed by fits of laughter.

It was so hard not to join in with the giggling. But of course I had to look stern and unimpressed and had the “things that are funny when you tell your friends are not always funny when you tell grown-ups” talk.

She just looked confused and I don’t blame her.


3 Responses to “First swear word”

  1. Alison Says:

    LOL – Our version is “Big smelly bum”.I don’t blame her for being confused, either. Actually, I find it quite funny myself…

  2. Lin Says:

    I do find it funny too, and these are situations when I have to think very carefully about the difference between being her parent and being her play-buddy. I’d much rather be the latter when it comes to childish toilet humour. LOL But unfortunately the responsibility attached to the role of parent prevents me from acting like a 3yo all the time.

  3. the godmother Says:

    thank goodness I still can though…!

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