A day in the life of a superhero

Ella – You can be Spiderman and I’ll be Batman.
Me – OK.
Ella – Spiderman?
Me – Yes Batman?
Ella – I’m eating an apple.
Me – Nice. [Silence] And what are you going to do then?
Ella – I’m going to climb up a wall.
Me – No, it’s Spiderman who climbs up walls. Batman can fly. Like a bat.
Ella – Does he fly?
Me – Yes, he flies. He’s not very good at climbing walls, I think.
Ella – Now you can be Batman and I’ll be Spiderman.
Me – Ok.
Ella – Batman?
Me – Yes Spiderman?
Ella – I love you!
Me [laughing] – I love you too, Spiderman.
Ella – Now I’m going to climb up the wall.


3 Responses to “A day in the life of a superhero”

  1. jeanie Says:

    ha ha ha haHowever, I beg to differ on Batman climbing walls. I recall many a skit with Batman using a rope to climb, and Robin at the rear.

  2. Lin Says:

    I don’t know ANYTHING about Batman or Spiderman. But neither does Ella, so I’m just making it up as we go. lol

  3. Alison Says:

    LOLI think I read somewhere that both Batman and Spiderman are vegetable eating, room cleaning, mummy listening superheroes, too! 😉

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