Carnivorous fairies

While we were camping at the Corinbank festival for 4 days, Ella and I had plenty of opportunity to talk while we ate or rested in our tent.

This conversation was probably the most bizarre one, and a tad disturbing, especially at a festival where animal rights activists were promoting vegetarianism and probably a large proportion of the festival goers objected to the killing of animals, for ideological reasons.

Ella – We are fairies. And we eat animals. So we are going to hunt for animals.
Me – Err… I’m not sure fairies eat animals.
Ella – Ye-eah. They eat animals, so we have to hunt for them.
Me – You know some people don’t eat animals?
Ella – But we do.
Me – We do, but we don’t need to if we don’t want to.
Ella – But I want to.
Me – Ok then.
Ella – Now we have to go hunt animals so we can eat them.
Me – You know that hunting animals means that you have to kill them?
Ella – Yes, we’re going to kill the animals so we can eat them.
Me – How are you going to kill them?
Ella – We have fire!
Me – Oh no, isn’t that going to hurt the animal? I can’t stand seeing animals hurt.
Ella – No, the fire is cold.
Me – Ok. So you’re going to kill animals with cold fire. What kind of animal are you going to kill?
Ella – A snake!
Me – A snake? Do they taste nice? I’ve never had snake, so I really don’t know if that’s going to be yummy.
Ella – I don’t know either.
Me – You do realise that once you’ve killed the animal you’ll have to take it’s skin off and cut open it’s belly before you can eat it?
Ella – Ok.
Me – Actually, I don’t want to kill animals. I just can’t do it. That’s why I buy my meat at the butcher’s. I don’t think I could kill an animal. I’d feel too sorry for them.
Ella – But there’ll be more animals, mum.
Me – That’s right, but only if we don’t kill too many of them!
Ella – We’ll only kill one. One snake. And then we’ll cut it in pieces and put it on the table for morning tea.
Me – Oh no, you’ll have to cook it first. You can’t eat snake raw, I’m pretty sure.
Ella – Ok, we’ll cook it and then it will be like fish!
Me – When we cook snake it will taste like fish? That’s good then, because I like fish.
Ella – And we are big fairies, aren’t we?
Me – Actually, I think fairies are rather little. Maybe we should catch a grasshopper to eat instead? Because fairies are little and they don’t need much food.
Ella – Ok. We’ll kill a grasshopper and cook it and then it will taste like shark!


5 Responses to “Carnivorous fairies”

  1. A Says:

    LOL!I wonder what would happen if Ella and J or F had an animal eating conversation!I do like the cold fire. No very practical for heating, but much safer for killing and cooking.

  2. jeanie Says:

    Hmm – I don’t know which one was the greater argument for vegetarianism, mother’s or daughter’s!I love how she already has her analogies going.

  3. Lin Says:

    A, I would love to hear that conversation!Jeanie, I like eating meat, but that image of my little angel stalking animals to skin them and eat them just didn’t sit right with me. lol

  4. Rinke Says:

    Zo grappig!dit was het eerste blogbericht dat ik zelf vertaald heb, maar het is zoooooo grappig!Xxxx rinkeP.S.: naar’t schijnt zijn slangen heel lekker… =p

  5. Neet Says:

    Hilarious Lin!! I enjoyed hearing a little repeat of this conversation in her tired state on sunday… but the full version is much more amusing! Particularly the part about grasshoppers tasting like shark! 🙂

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