Who’s in and who’s out.

Dinner table conversation:
Ella – Ewie said that I eat baby yoghurt and that I am a baby!
Me – What did you say?
Ella – I said I am a big girl!
Me – Of course you are.
Ella – But Ewie said no.
Me – That’s not very nice of him, is it?
Ella – No. I’m not going to play with him anymore.
Me – So who are you going to play with then?
Ella – Maxie! Because he doesn’t say no.

I have no clue who Ewie is. I only know the names of a couple of the daycare kids. Another name of a kid I don’t know that crops up very regularly these days is Ben. He seems to be Ella’s benchmark at the moment. “Ben eats this yoghurt”, “Ben wears these shoes”. And if it’s ok for Ben, it’s ok for her. I am starting to feel like asking “If Ben jumped off a cliff, would you?!”, but I am usually (still) able to surpress these urges to recite platitudes. At least Ben seems to have good taste.


One Response to “Who’s in and who’s out.”

  1. jeanie Says:

    Bens are good value.I say use it for good, not evil.”Ben would probably do” whatever you want her to do.”Ben would probably eat” whatever you want her to eat.lol – and I love her method of choosing friends – those who will not say no to her!

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