Big girl things

A few days ago Ella requested to wear undies instead of a nappy. Halleluja!

This morning on the bike we had the following conversation:

Ella: I’m not very big yet.
Me: But you are a very big girl, because you are wearing big girl undies today!
Ella: I’m very big!
I’m a lady, mum.

Ella: G (godmother) wears undies sometimes (thank god!)
Me: Does she really?
Ella: Yes she does. And she can put them on by herself.
Me: Wow, she’s a really big girl too, isn’t she.
Ella: Yes. She’s a lady too.
Ella: I am very big. I can swim under water now. With the Bruces (See Finding Nemo). And they gonna bite me.

The things you have to look forward to when you are growing up.


3 Responses to “Big girl things”

  1. jeanie Says:

    Ha ha ha – my niece the same age loves being a BIG GIRL – it is obviously an important issue.My girl is now at an age where “she is not little – kids under 5 are little – she is middle!”

  2. the godmother Says:

    hey lin, I’m not wearing any undies.

  3. Neet Says:

    Hehehe… she’s so gorgeous!

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