Bearded lady

This morning I had a run in with a dog owner who yelled at me to put my dog on the lead. I ignored her at first as I always do with rude people, but she demanded to know why my dog was not on a leash. I just told her “because it’s an off leash area”.

She kept going on and on in a very loud voice about me having to keep my dog away from her little dog, that she had picked up as soon as she spotted us. It was all quite funny as my dog hadn’t thought her dog worthy of even a glance and had stayed at about 20m distance of them the whole time. I whistled the dog and rode on, feeling rather annoyed at her rudeness towards me, her inability to see that my dog was trained and under control and her being so overprotective of her own poor dog.

Then, when we were just out of earshot, Ella asked me (in Dutch): “Mum, does that lady have a moustache?”*. I folded over my handlebars laughing.

Turned out she meant to say ‘stick’ instead of ‘moustache’, the words being vaguely similar in Dutch and she denied ever using the word moustache at all. But from now on that woman will always be referred to as the lady with the moustache. Serves her right!

*It is a question I used to often get asked by her when playing the Guess Who game: “Mum, does your lady have a moustache?”


3 Responses to “Bearded lady”

  1. Snoopy Says:

    Ha Ha ha very funny!p.s. what a cow that lady waswoof

  2. Hildegard Says:

    Dat snap ik niet goed, zal je me toch eens in het Nederlands moeten uitleggen …

  3. Lin Says:

    Ze vroeg: “Mama, heeft die mevrouw een snor?”Toen ik haar vroeg om het te herhalen zei ze: “Heeft die mevrouw een stok.” en ze beweerde dat ze nooit snor had gezegd.En “heeft uw mevrouw een snor” vroeg ze me dikwijls toen we het “Wie ben ik” spelletje begonnen te spelen.Soit als ik nu ze dat we de mevrouw met de snor niet zijn tegengekomen deze morgen, dan vraagt ze me heel serieus waar de mevrouw met de snor is.

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