Ella: Mum, don’t take so much tomato sauce.
Me: I can have as much tomato sauce as I like!
Ella: Ok, if you promise not to wipe your hands on your clothes.

She just repeated back to me what I had told her 5 minutes earlier. She does this all the time. I get lectures on why I am not allowed to go too near to the water (because then I’m gonna fall in and she won’t be able to get me out, ‘Ok, mum?’), lectures on why I should not tease the dog, or she generously advises me to claim my sticker when I do poos on the toilet because then I can get a Fredo when I have 5.

I truly am very glad that she remembers my advice, but I do feel slightly uncomfortable being lectured by someone who cannot even count to 20 yet.


2 Responses to “Lectures”

  1. Neet Says:

    Hahahah… I just read through all your back-posts, and haven’t laughed that hard in ages!! Keep up the stories Lin!!! :)I can relate to so many of them from the 18mth-3year olds I’m spending every day with!! 🙂

  2. Lin Says:

    Thanks Neet. I suspect that if kids wouldn’t makes us laugh as much as they do, the human race would’ve been extinct by now. Haha!

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